Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

As my Chinese origin, Christmas to me was all about young people getting together for a  perfect excuse to party and have fun. It was so different from here, that every store is closed, people is home with family, gifts under the tree... It's how Christmas is meant to be. 

My 5-year-old got so excited because she claimed she's the 1st one getting up in the morning so she has the privilege of opening every single box and hand out to who it's supposed to go. She got a lot of toys and painting supplies. And me, a full Roz box of Unison Pastels! An overwhelming 136 colors set, from my dear husband. 

The year 2015 is meant to be another creative year!

Today's painting is not done today. It was done at summer time this year. It has an odd composition and it got an “unfinished" touch. I just love it to be a little "undone" that it leaves the viewer much space to mentally fill up the missing part in their own way.

"Last Bite"       Pastel on Paper    12x16"