Landscape practice

       This is a small 8"x10" painting I've just got done in studio from a picture. I am still a "newbie" when it comes to landscape. Different than my representative still life works, I want to catch that loose and "go with your mind" kind of feel when doing landscape paintings. I feel I am lack of my painting languages that suggests the diversity of organism.  

       I am still learning. 
       And learning is FUN!

"Poppy Field" 10x8" pastel on board


Perfect for a Snowy Day.

We were planing to go hiking at Ford Harrison state park today. My 5-year-old loaded her bicycle to the trunk yesterday and has been planning to go bike racing with me, only to wake up to a big Snow Day!

Our plan then be altered to a snow painting day.

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun. And she adopted the idea of let some warm color showing through the cold snow to suggest the warmth of the earth. She managed to only use crayon to approach that effect! I am so proud of this little artist. (BTW, she didn't like me to call her "little" artist, instead, she calls herself big artist.)

This painting was done on gesso board. I like the stiffness of it an the texture I got from clear gesso. 

Yeah, this is what we do on a snowy day. Keep warm and appreciate the season!

"Daybreak of a Cold Day"   10x8"  pastel on board