Small Clouds Paintings

      I did these small paintings at night after putting everyone in bed. Quick paintings but I like the moody atmosphere. 
      Wish only I would be granted 2 hours painting time a day!

"Day-Time Moon"
oil on canvas

Another Lake Painting

We finally have some 50 degrees weather here. I managed taking my recent paintings out and have them pictured, while the baby was taking his nap.
I've never thought boys could be this active. I was like, "Babies are babies". No I was WRONG!Today I caught him carring a batcher's knife. He somehow managed to open that safely lock and took it out of the kitchen drawer. Later on he was caught again by chewing dog food from Elsa's plate!
My full time job is watching him, every single second.
My paintings? Not until he's soundly asleep! LoL.

"Dusk over the Lake"
oil on canvas

End of an Era

Fresh from the easel.
24"x24" oil on canvas.

I have to constantly tell myself: enough florals for the year...
The baby and dad is coming back from a trip to China tomorrow. So I guess my crazy "paint everyday" era is coming to an end. LoL
I am thinking about taking pictures of them and having a facebook art show. I haven't counted but I think I did somewhere near 20 pieces in a month time frame. Exhausted but hyper!

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