Fresh from the Back Yard

As an artist, we all have our up and downs. This year I set myself up for a goal, that I am going to explore the medium oil! I've been so into it that sometimes I forgot to cook our family dinner (daughter whining). 

After all that initial excitement, last week came my deepest depression. My paintings seem so tight all over, that I felt I could easily break the tension. So I spent the whole weekend teaching my students how to approach a loose style. God knows, I am actually pushing myself into that whole concept. 

We are so lucky to be living in the internet world, that we can search, investigate, and learn from all sources available. So to speak, I found I loved Richard Schmid's work so much. And then, Daniel Keys, then, Qiang Huang. Many thanks to these great artists that make the images of their works available on the internet so poor artist like me could learn and improve. 

So here comes this tiny piece: 

"Fresh from the Back Yard"
oil on panel