Three Guys

I keep telling myself I need to squeeze time like a sponge. I need to make these tiny squares at least one everyday. If only.
It is pure joy! 

"Three Guys"
Oil on Panel

I am officially an oil painter!

Wow looks like I having been neglecting my blog for a long long time! 
No I am not abandoning it. I am just busy and crazy painting. I am so graceful be an artist and waking up everyday looking forward to more hours of happy painting!

And even better, I think it's time to change my title from and "pastel artist" to just "artist", coz' I am officially doing oils!

Here are some of my recent works. It was fun to paint in oil and I can't wait to share with my audience (and then I don't know why I havn't been waiting for so long to put them up on my blog!)

 "Dried Flowers"
24"x24" Oil on Linen

  "The Brightest Joy"
24"x24" Oil on Linen

 "Bunch of Freshness"

Some Thursday Night Fun.

Life drawing/painting night, every Thursday. It's so refreshing compared to working in the studio. 

I wish I could attend more often!

Fresh from the Back Yard

As an artist, we all have our up and downs. This year I set myself up for a goal, that I am going to explore the medium oil! I've been so into it that sometimes I forgot to cook our family dinner (daughter whining). 

After all that initial excitement, last week came my deepest depression. My paintings seem so tight all over, that I felt I could easily break the tension. So I spent the whole weekend teaching my students how to approach a loose style. God knows, I am actually pushing myself into that whole concept. 

We are so lucky to be living in the internet world, that we can search, investigate, and learn from all sources available. So to speak, I found I loved Richard Schmid's work so much. And then, Daniel Keys, then, Qiang Huang. Many thanks to these great artists that make the images of their works available on the internet so poor artist like me could learn and improve. 

So here comes this tiny piece: 

"Fresh from the Back Yard"
oil on panel


Full Blossom

I've been working with oil since January. Just because I have some many paints laying around!
It's a big step out of my comfort room. I've been going through total excitments, emotional struggle and also deep blue, I love the looseness  of expressive strokes. But when doing oil, my baby steps are way too tight and stressful.
It's been a emotional day for me. I've done a oil  (wipen off). Stressful and discouraged, I decided to return to my beloved pastel. Oh well, just for a day.
I will definately keep experimenting oil!

"Full Blossom"
soft pastel on sand paper

Gershwin Playing

It was An American in Paris playing in the studio when I did this portrait as a demo to the class. I drew the girl'e eyes closed intentionally, to show the the class the rounded shape of the eye balls. Upon finish, I added earbuds to the portrait so the girl can enjoy  great music!

           Gershwin Playing
                 Charcoal on toned paper

"Saved for Tomorrow"

I've heard a lot of good things about Ampersand's Gesso board. After a few test drives, I've decided that I am still a canvas fan. Those primed panels are too "slippery" to me!

"Saved for Tomorrow"
Oil on Canvas Panel

"September Outing"

I took a field trip with my 7-year-old's class last fall. It was so much fun with the kid and I found a lot of inspirations! This is a typical scene we have here in Central Indiana. I did a quick sketch on spot and finished yesterday in my studio.

      "September Outing"
  Oil On Panel

Oil Painting!

I've been a pastel artist for quite a few year. This is my 1st attempt stepping into the water of oil painting. A fun and exciting journey is waving hands at me!

A Bowl of Freshness
Oil on Panel

The original was done on archival Ampersand Gessobord. The painting measures approximately 6" x 6". The painting will be carefully wrapped and mailed in a box, ready to be framed or mounted. The art work is signed and dated by the artist. 

I've been away to the other side of the planet where Facebook is not available...
Long time no see my friends!
Had fun with this tiny guy as the last piece of 2015.

                                          "Mint and Tangerine"

  Pastel on board, 6"x6"