Summer Grill

This one was real a pleasure to do. It got to come to a completion in a single day!

Title: "Summer Grill"
Medium: soft pastel
Size: 18"x24"

First show of the year. And first Award of the year!

We had a astonishing weekend at the Cherokee Triangle Air Fair last week. The show took place at the beautiful historical triangle park area. I can't tell you how much I love the well-maintained houses along the block and all those beautiful tree and plants! I saw many times that the patrons stopped walking and looking up. I thought they were looking at my booth up the steps. No, they were actually looking at the trees with rays of sunshine showing through. It would be nice enough if we were there just to relax and enjoy this spring weekend. Not to mention we were there meeting art lovers and literally selling!

Saturday saw it raining all day. But it didn't stop people from coming. They walked the show under umbrella and in their rain boots! A lovely couple bought two of my miniature paintings in the rain and happily took them home and they got hanged up on the wall right away! I was also surprisingly witness the kind show director bringing me a HUGE bow sitting in a tray. I was talking on the phone and didn't realize it was for me. He patiently waited in the rain, holding the tray until I finish talking. I am so grateful and honored. Thank you Cherokee Triangle. 

Saturday night was horrible. A big thunderstorm came along with hail. I mean, a lot of them! Fortunately, I took all my paintings down and stored them in the car for the night. Pastel paintings has a powdery surface and moisture is their biggest enemy!

Sunday welcomes a nice sunny day and two of my originals were parted from me. I am happy they found new homes that will cherish them from now on. 

Now it's time to sit down and paint!

My next show will be Art Birmingham, MI. It takes place in the streets surrounding Shain Park, in downtown Birmingham, Michigan. Show dates will be May 8th and 9th. 

Hope to see you there!

Honorable Mention Award 
Cherokee Triangle Art Fair, 2015