First time pastel painter and her work.

That is, my daughter Angelina, 5. She has been working on her art right next to me for a while now. She plays with her crayons and color pencils for the most part, watercolors sometimes. 

Today she did her first attempt with pastel. She has been watching me working on pastel ever since she remembers things. She's such a good girl that follow our deciplines of only touch materials of our own. Today I cut my pastel support to the wrong size, so I offered her the scrap paper and a half-full box of my spare pastels.

And this is what she came up with: 

"Winter is Here"  6"x6" pastel on paper 
Angelina Xie, 5 

I just love it! I love the light purple she chose for the background, and the way she work lightly to let the color of the paper show through. I also like how she did the foliage. It's such a fearless and liberal way to suggest leaves instead of being stuck to details. And do you see the flying snow she made with a scraper?

I am so happy that she's like me, she gonna growing up with an art-loving heart. I am even happier that she's not like me, too detail-oriented but more expressive and liberal. 

I think I need to get her a complete pastel set for Christmas.