Experimenting with home-made surface for pastels

I've seen a lot of artist making their own support and I always want to make my own. I have a huge pile of Canson Mi-teintes paper that's enough to fill a store inventory. I got them in a clearance I believe it was 30 cents a piece. I was lucky to get them in such a great price but they also make me lazy to try other options.
In a matter of fact, the smooth size of the Canson suits my subject and technique pretty nicely. But sometimes I do want to get loose and play with textures. I finally put my ambition to work and made some pastel surface of my own. I mounted the same Canson paper with paper cement (link here). Once dried, I rolled Golden brand pastel ground on it. That's it! Simple!
I am a little scared of the rough surface. It seems to eat up pastels really fast and hard to get to details. Hey, but again, I am try the rough surface to avoid too much details, am I?
I did three 4x6" mini landscapes with it and I start to love it! It surely takes a lot of layers and it let layer underneath showing through in a beautiful way.
One of the painting went to a white elephant game at our neighbor's pre-Christmas party. People went to the tree and picked the biggest present. My little painting was laying under the tree till the last minute. Nobody would want a little flat gift. When it was opened as the last gift, everybody wowed! Now my gift was stolen and stolen. It became the most wanted gift in the party!

"Afternoon Outing"
Pastel on board, 4x6"

                          Pastel on Board, 4x6" 

"the Long Waiting"
Pastel on Board, 4x6"