Waves and Motion

I've been gone from the blog like, forever. Summer time is always filled with excitement, tones of work, long distance trip, emotion up and downs. Along all these, I am also experiencing the most dramatic moment of a long time: Our second child is on the way!
As a mid-aged woman, oh no, as we always kidding with my 8-year-old and ask her to call me "Sisi", I certainly don't want to admit I am that "old" yet...but yes, I am defined by the OBG as "high-risk" pregnancy because of my age.
Anyways, been through a lot of struggles, I am in the third trimesters now.
And life goes on!
And I’ve still been painting, and exploring new subjects. I hate to be called a "portrait artist" or a "still life artist" or anything I am specialize in. I am an artist and a painter, so I paint what moves me.
This time around, is these motions in water.
oil on canvas
oil on canvas

Winter Creativity

This year we had a short winter. It is still good since we had a couple of snow, but not as big so we can have some fun sleighing. I am such a southern girl though, when it comes to cold weather, all that I do is staying in the man-cave and being productive!

Winter is such a nice season to be kept in the studio, with no outdoor fair, no summer camp, no long distance driving. My large, heavy-duty pieces are all created in winter. Okey, the southern girl finally had some reason to enjoy winter.

"Moon Light"
Oil on Canvas


I've been warming up in order to do some larger scale paintings. After a whole season of art festivals and traveling, I really need to adjust myself to get into my man-cave and being creative. This time around the warming-up has taken months! I've been keeping doing my miniatures but when I am in front of a big canvas I felt coward...
Well, winter time to me is supposed to be productive. I am happy now I am starting to feel that way.

oil on canvas