Pepper Lover's new work.

I grew up in southwest China in a big city called Chongqing. It is famous for its spicy food with strong flavor. "Hot Pot" is like a mini chili pond that people enjoy just looking at it as if it's a miniature landscape.

There are lot of other dishes fully loaded with the flavor of different kind of peppers. Chonqing is hot for both it's temperature in summer and it's chili dishes.

I just couldn't resist painting the colorful and delicious antioxidant!
Salute to the Mexicans!

New works on Daily Paint Works.

Very glad to have my miniatures available for sale on
And glad to be among other hard-working artists. It's such a great community. Very up-lifted spirit there!

"Purple Flower"
6"x6" pastel on paper
matted and framed, frame size 10"x10"

Celebrate miniatures!

They are tiny. They don't cost me a lot of time. They let me try different subject sand techniques with no worry. Most importantly, they are so much fun!