Mid Summer Fest

Hi All,
 I've been messed around with my blog, trying to develop a personal website around it. So far as you can see, it's a mess.

 And life is getting so busy. Hey, spring time is finally here! Me and my husband were busy digging in our backyard, dreaming of a beautiful flower and vegetable garden. Meanwhile, I have finally done with this piece. I named it "Mid Summer Fest", as the Mid Summer Festival at Kholer Art Center, WI was such a success that I want to mark it with a star for my first year art show adventure.

Here are some WIP for the piece: Here comes the first step. A reddish brown pastel pencil sketch to settle the composition. A piece of pipe insulation was used to lock down some value mass. (It was used and dirty. You could see some funny color on the painting. Ooooops.) 

This is the block-in stage. Thank liz Sullivan for her wonderful book and video. She is an expert in simplifying things! 

Another piece of pipe insulation comes on duty. It started to give the piece a painterly look. I tried to keep focusing on the big mass.

Now it's time to build up details. I worked on the fruits from left to right so my hand would not smear the painting. 

Final stage. The fruits were given the most attention. I wanted the clouds to step back a little. So I picked a light peachy brown hard pastel, using the side to lightly swipe the whole surface.