New Painting just cooked up.

I'v had a lot fun the 1st week of 2015. 

This painting was done on my all time favorite pastel paper Canson Mi-Tient. It might surprise many of my viewer as Mi-Tient is always considered an entry-level surface fro pastels. However I found it works wonder for detailed realistic pastel work. The smooth side of Mi-Tient gives enough support for my layers and it helps me achieve a soft and dreamy effect. 

The drawback of Mi-Tient is that it is a relatively thin paper and thus very fragile. I've tried the Mi-Tient Touch, which is a fine sanded board. It gives ample support but it's sanded so it's not as smooth as its paper version. 

So here is my experiment:
I used a piece of gator board as my support. Then I brushed paper cement onto both the gator board and the texture side of my Canson Mi-Tient. I waited for a minute and carefully attach them together. I then put something heavy on top it (my weight is a box of Christmas lights!) The cement is very strong, so I get a perfect mounted pastel board in about half an hour!

I was so excited to find it being acid-free and it's not as messy as a spray adhensive.  Here is a link to this wonderful products.

The gator board offers great support when painting. To put it into a frame is easy as a click!
"Moon Rising"   24x24" Pastel on Board